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Attitude can change everything! Yes, everything. You may get a life, but your attitude can change it if you want. It’s all about your mindset that establishes the success level that you will achieve in your life time. As the name would suggest, it’s the setting of the mind-how you approach life, success, people, and anything that comes your way. It cannot be disputed that success requires tough mindset and positive attitude h It cannot be disputed that success requires tough mindset and positive attitude, which, to your happiness, can be developed. One of the best ways to follow a positive mindset is through reading books.

Here, in the list that follows, I have tried to find out the must read books that can help you beat the odds. There would be several in variety - books on ownership motivation, success, grit, approach as well as your perspective. These are really important because they help you in instilling the confidence to believe in yourself as well as in your capability of shaping your future and therefore, your entire life. 

Nevertheless, it should be understood that only a positive mindset would not be able to lead you to success, there are other aspects that need to be attended and effort put with full focus in one direction that success reaches you. Therefore, you can consider these books as the tools that would light the burden on you, help you take action, and turn hindrances to benefits.

Reading – Builds perspective

At several times, life seems stuff and you find yourself alone. Let me remind you of an old saying “Books are our best friends.” This is certainly true. You may feel alone in Valley, but let me tell you, you don’t really have to face it alone. Choose the right books and you have someone to show you the right path, set your mind positive, and tell you what’s right to do at this point in time. The best point here is that the books do not take your perspective and emotion to provide you with a suggestion, they will only tell you what is right for you and that’s what friends are for.

When you read, your mind opens to a new perspective, which you may not have thought of before. The ideas in the books leave a mark on your mind and does gives you encouragement to explore life with open hands. So, here is what you start with – Reading! 

  1. Think and Grow Rich
    This book has been written by Napoleon Hill. When you talk about a motivational book, this name would certainly be mentioned. This is quite an old book however has not lost it’s mark yet. In the book, Napoleon has presented with the common traits that the most successful and richest people have. He derived these traits by conducting several interviews with such people in the early 20th century, and presented in a book that can help us think and grow rich.
  2. The Success Principles
    If you ever find yourself stuck, be it with any face it of your life, this is just the right book for you. Jack Canfield has presented the book in short chapters on each topic that he has discussed. Through these chapters, Jack teaches us the way that confidence can be enhanced, daily challenges can be faced well and overcome, life spent with passion and purpose and turn the goals into reality.
  3. Tools of Titans
    Tim Ferriss carried out more than 200 interviews with the best of the best people worldwide and then put all what he learnt into this book – Tools of Titans. The book is extremely large, but trust me, it’s to be treated as a colossus resource for healthy, wealthy, happy life.
  4. Awaken the Giant Within
    This book is another one in the set of self-help books that have been written by Tony Robbins. He indicates through this book that we all have it within us to do well and achieve success in life. He has shared all what he learnt regarding the finest measures for helping people advance in life. He is the author of many bestselling books and has written on financial freedom, keeping oneself motivated, personality development, et cetera.
  5. Rich Dad Poor Dad
    So, earning is not all. We need to have financial literacy so as to be able to use the earned money effectively and to  be able to multiply what they actually have. Robert Kiyosaki explores the attitude that to be rich, it is not necessary that one earn a lot of money, but, money should invested well. Through this book, he intends to change the way of thinking of the millions of people regarding money as well as investment.
  6. How to Win Friends and Influence People
    This is a great book that helps in learning how can one communicate effectively. The baseline is that communication is the key to all actions and thus needs to be effectual. Dale Carnegie’s book is one of the best-selling amid students from classic time.
  7. The Power of Positive Thinking
    This book by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is an amazing inspiration to attain a joyful life that you are contended with. There are several practical approaches suggested, which would be of great assistance in transforming lives.
  8. Mindset
    Carol Dweck has presented the research done in decades, in this book. Through this book, she has shared her radiant insight on the Mindset, which impacts level of success in all facets of life. 

And of course, the list is not exhaustive one. There are many more that have been written to shape mindset in positive direction, however, you can certainly start with these, which will empower your approach and perspective towards excellence.

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