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Best Colleges in Melbourne, Australia For International Students

Melbourne, the second-most populous city of Australia, is known as the most liveable city for international students. It is titled as the third best student city in the world. Its high score for advanced healthcare, stability, diverse culture, environment, infrastructure, and world-class education is the major attraction for foreign students. 

Melbourne is the home to some of the best universities in the world offering a rich student experience in diverse areas of study. It's vibrant and multicultural society makes the students feel welcomed and accepted in the appealing Australian lifestyle. Along with the universities, Melbourne is also a personal favorite among students because of its employer activities. More than 20,000 international students have found their educational haven in Melbourne, Australia. The beautiful beaches, exciting food, exciting sports events, and the guarantee to learn from the best help the students to make the most of their time in Melbourne. If you think you'd like to study in the most liveable city, here's a list of the best colleges in Melbourne to help you plan ahead

University of Melbourne: Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is the second oldest university in Australia. It is the highest-ranked University of Melbourne, located in the Parkville area of the city. There are approximately 38000 students enrolled at the University of Melbourne. The college is a prestigious part of the 'Group of Eight' an alliance formed by the top research universities of Australia. The university is well known for its internationally recognized degree programs in various areas especially, research, learning and study, and engagement.   

University of Melbourne

Monash University: Well known for its quality of teaching and exceptional faculty members, Monash is a 55 years old university in Melbourne. Also, a part of the 'Group of Eight', Monash is the home to approximately 63000 students. The college takes its motto of ‘Ancora Imparo’ (I am still learning)  quite literally with its dedication towards innovation and ongoing development. The main campus of the university offers you a wide variety of courses in both the technical and non-technical fields.

Monash University

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT): Founded in 1887, RMIT is famous for its focus on design and technology. The main campus of the college is located in the central part of Melbourne making it a major part of the city's cultural hub. Approximately 57000 students are enrolled in the university pursuing their disciplines. It is also known for the on-trend curriculum and strong industry connections.RMIT is also famous for its practical education practices and its track-proven results. Business, design, social science, engineering, and health are the focused academic areas in the university.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Deakin University: The Deakin University came into light in 1974 as a small regional institute and has evolved a lot throughout its journey. The university has contemporary and young vibes well known among the students for its innovativeness, nimbleness, and friendliness. The major programs of the college are in the areas of arts and education, business and law, health, and science, engineering and built environment. Deakin is also known for its cutting edge faculty. There are approximately 44000 students enrolled in the three campuses of Deakin University.

La Trobe University: Having six campuses across the state of Victoria in Australia, La Trobe University was established in 1964. The college is the home for two art museums as well as a sculpture park in Melbourne. It is well known for its exceptional programs in the area of arts and humanities. The university has somewhere around 35000 students enrolled in its campus. Its postgraduate business program is also a hit among the students. La Trobe takes its pride in having groundbreaking reachers, industry leaders and experts as their faculty members.

Swinburne University of Technology: The six campuses of Swinburne University are home to approximately 60000 students. The university is well known for its flexible learning options for postgraduate programs. The cutting edge faculty and advance infrastructure of the university is a major attraction for the students. The main focus of the university is to get their students job-ready.

Swinburne University of Technology

Victoria University: Victoria University is one of the world's most elite institutions. It offers a wide spectrum of courses starting from the short courses to apprenticeships to postgraduate degrees. Currently, there are approximately 50000 students enrolled in the university. Victoria is well known for its easily accessible campus, incredible work placements, the special employability programs. It is the best choice for sports enthusiasts seeking a career in their passion.

Victoria University

Reasons to study in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to the world-class universities that attract many international students worldwide. 

  1. Hub for international studies: It is the best choice for international studies with its wide array of courses to choose from. From engineering to hairstyling everything is made available to you in Melbourne.
  2. Advantage of the crowd from all around the world: Melbourne is known for its diverse student mix. There are students from almost 170 countries residing in the most liveable country in Australia. The friendly environment makes everyone feel welcomed and accepted in the city.
  3. Transport System: The comprehensive transport system in Melbourne makes it easy for the students to go around the city. There's huge accessibility of taxis, trains, buses, trams, and cycle tracks in the city.
  4. Culinary Delights: Melbourne is known as the food capital of Australia. You can definitely find something to fit your taste buds in this culinary hub.
  5. Excellent Student Support: The universities in Melbourne are well known for providing 24/7 support to their international students. This helps you to settle down comfortably in the city by helping with housing, finance, language, and social connections as well.
  6. Employment Opportunities: Melbourne is known to attract many national and international companies to offer successful placements options to enrolled students. Melbourne ranks in the 10th position when it comes to employability. 

More and more students are choosing Australia as their education destination every year and even more, are choosing Melbourne. Make a quick decision if you too wish to be a part of one of the most thriving destinations for foreign students. 

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