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IdealAssignmentHelp | 25-12-2019

Common Mistakes Students make while writing Essay

Essays are an important part of the academic career of a student. Learning to write properly is one of the greatest skills you earn during your education life. But students commit many errors while preparing it. Therefore, learning to write properly is very important.

 Avoiding essays in your academics is not possible. However, you can surely avoid making some of the common mistakes in preparing them.

Few of the common mistakes committed are mentioned here below:

Giving a synopsis instead of analysis:
An essay is written by the author to create an argument and defend a thesis. When you're writing something about literature, adding a background as evidence to clarify the topic is very important. But an essay that involves analysis based on credible research is most valid. Don't simply just copy that happened in the book.

A weak thesis statement:
To write a good essay, you must have a strong thesis. The thesis statement is the base of your essay. All the further explanation is done based on it. It should be clear enough to state an opinion in the mind of the readers.

There are several examples of a weak thesis statement. The Great Gatsby of American Literature is one of them. Example of a strong thesis statement: The Great Gatsby captures the time of America's Jazz Age in its decline with pleasures in materialism and in the end its sad emptiness. 

Overuse of quotes:
The essay should be able to reflect your understanding of the topic and all the pieces of evidence you put to defend your argument. Overusing the quotes either from the references you have taken or from the research you've done, weaken your authority on the essay. Quotes should be used, but not that much. Use it only when you have something strong, meaningful and deep quote to be expressed. 

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work or ideas and using it as one's own. It is a serious offense, as it violates the rules of copyright. Plagiarism in college and universities is strictly prohibited. Various tools are used to check whether the content prepared is plagiarized or not. If found, the entire project might also get rejected. 

Professors are well qualified to assess whether the content written by a student is original or plagiarized.

Plagiarisms are of two types- 

  1. The first type of plagiarism is directly taking the words from another source and using it in your paper without mentioning the original author.
  2. The second one might be a bit tricky. You should be aware that you're not committing one. It is rewriting an entire article or part of an article. In this type of plagiarism, instead of writing your idea, you're just rewording someone else's ideas and analysis. 

Your essay should consist of the original thesis, analysis, and ideas which must be backed up by credible research from legit academic authorities.

Inappropriate Grammar, Spelling, and Pronouns:  
While preparing your content, you need to make sure of the following things:

  • Make sure the subjects and verbs in your essay agree.
  • Don’t write an incomplete sentence.
  • Check your spelling.
  • Write your essay in the third person is preferable (he/she/it/they). Avoid using first or second person (I, you or we) in your essay.

Mistakes in Bibliography:
MLA style is the most commonly used form of essay writing. But in some specific cases, your professor might request a different format. The tough part of your essay is, coming up with an original analysis of the topic. With a little effort, you easily form and write your bibliography correct.

Using reliable resources:
This is the age of the Internet, in today’s time; you can get access to dozens of articles by simply typing anything on the keyword. But it also doesn't mean that all the contents you get on the internet are reliable. Sometimes it is vague and ambiguous. Try to take articles from academic experts only.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you will improve your essay writing skills. This will help to improve your skills. Thus, you can have a better chance of scoring good marks. 

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