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Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills With These Tips

The word Essay is derived from the Latin word 'exagium' which means 'presenting one's case'. Essays are generally defined as a short piece of writing which demonstrate the writer's point of view or take on a particular topic or scenario. Essays can be both, formal and informal in nature. 

Type of Essays

Depending upon the obligations of the task assigned, essays can be classified into four categories

  • Narrative Essays: This format is preferred when the writer is trying to narrate a story or incident in his piece of text. Narrative essays should be written in the first person. The aim of following this format in the essay is to engage the reader in such a way that he can feel the event as happening live while reading the text. These essays should be made as real and as vivid as possible.
  • Descriptive Essays: Descriptive essays are used when the writer wants to describe a situation, place, object, or maybe a memory for the readers. The words are not used for merely describing something but are used for painting the exact picture for the readers. The sense of smell, touch, sound, and sight are all included in these essays. Descriptive essays allow a reader to feel the emotions of the writer through words.
  • Expository Essays: Expository essays are written when a writer wants to present a balanced point of view on a topic. These essays require a writer to possess extensive knowledge about a subject to present the facts clearly. There is no scope for presenting personal feelings or emotions in an expository essay.
  • Persuasive Essays: When a writer wants the readers to agree with his point of view, he presents his text in a persuasive essay. This type of essay is based on facts but also includes the writer's analysis and conclusion of those facts to present his take on the topic. The ultimate aim of these essays is to persuade the readers that the writer's argument carries more weight.

Format of an essay

Irrespective of what type of essay you're writing, there is no rigid structure set for an essay. It is a creative writeup which is not confined within boundaries of guidelines. However, an essay should necessarily include three elements

  1. Introduction: Introduction forms the first paragraph of your essay. It is this part where a writer introduces the reader with his topic. This section focuses on informing the readers about what will be presented to them in the following sections. An introduction includes the brief synopsis of your essay and is shorter in length as compared to the other sections of an essay. A writer can get creative and mysterious in the introduction part of an essay. An interesting way is to start your introduction with a question, quote or proverb.
  2. Body: Body is the main text of any essay. It is the most vital component that often extends to cover the maximum content of an essay. A writer presents maximum information about his topic in this section of the essay. The information should be provided in a systematic flow to present a clear idea to the readers about your ideas and thoughts.
  3. Conclusion: Conclusion forms the last section of your essay. It often mirrors the introduction paragraph in look but the syntax and words are different. It is the place where a writer sums up his entire text piece. He links all the elements of the essay together in this section. A well-written conclusion ensures that there are no loose threads in the presented essay.

How can you enhance the quality of your essay 

The phrase, "practice makes a man perfect" is applicable in the field of essay writing services as well. Here are a few tips that you need to follow rigorously to enhance your essay writing skills

  1. Develop a habit of reading: Reading is the best way to exercise your writing muscles. It helps you to pen down new perspectives with a sense of richer vocabulary. The more you read, the better you can craft an essay.
  2. Know your interests: Research well to know what type of topics work best for you as well as the assigned assignment. Focusing on the things that interest you or the things that you care about will help you to draft an in-depth easy without getting burdened with the load.
  3. Organize your thoughts to get started: Getting your ideas in order is extremely important while writing an essay. Brainstorm for potential topics and make notes to let the creativity flow freely. Once you're through with brainstorming, give a structure to the generated ideas by outlining your essay. Outlining your essay will help you to determine what you want to talk about next in your essay.
  4. Research: Practice your research skills to develop an impactful essay. Find reliable sources to get the facts and stats for your write-up. A well-researched essay will prevent you from presenting irrelevant information to the readers.
  5. Learn about tone and voice in words: It is essential to set a specific tone for your essay. Whether you're trying to make an argument or are explaining a concept, focus on the words and style you're using. An essay with the right tone and voice will reach out to the target audience promptly.
  6. Learn the skills of hooking: A hook is used to intrigue the readers so that they continue to read your essay until the end. A hook prevents your write up from appearing as a boring and wordy piece to the readers.
  7. Acquire a strong understanding of grammar and punctuations: If you want your essay to convey the right meaning, it is important to use appropriate style, grammar, and punctuation within the text. Make sure you have a solid knowledge of the concepts of grammar and punctuation to present a serious and solid essay to the readers.
  8. Self edit your work: A writer should never rely on the single draft of an essay for submission. It is important for a writer to develop the ability to review and edit his own work to produce an error-free essay. It will help you to avoid typos and bridge any gap in the information provided.

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