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IdealAssignmentHelp | 30-10-2019

Golden Tips that can Improve your Handwriting

Handwriting is art. From a very early age of life, students are trained to write in a nice handwriting. Now, why handwriting is so important? A handwriting depicts the creativity of a student. The more beautiful the handwriting is, the more creative a student is. Moreover, it also helps the reader in understanding what has been written in a paper. Generally, it is noticed that the reader gets discouraged to read further when he finds that the words were written are not clear. Therefore, to have good handwriting is very important for the students. 

Not only in your daily life, but a good handwriting also enhances your goodwill in your work life. If you are a student, a good handwriting will help you fetch extra marks in your examination. If you are made to write an assignment, it enhances the creativity and attractiveness of your assignment. Thus, it helps you fetch better marks in your assignments. If you are made to write a letter, it induces the reader to gain a much better interest in your essays. After your studies, you might either be working somewhere or pursue a profession or conduct business. In all the fields you have to write persuasive proposals to your clients to acquire projects. In all the cases, a good handwriting will give a much better format to your letters written. Thus, it is very important for people to work on their handwritings.

Now, what does a good handwriting imply? Does it mean that you must have an exact replica of a given font in your handwriting? No, A good handwriting is one, in which your words are absolutely clear and easy to read.

Here are a few tips that you can apply in order to improve your handwriting.

  1. Practice it Daily
    A student who has a bad handwriting must have a regular practice in writing. He must write to each and every word slowly. Gradually, as the time will pass, you will notice that your speed in writing has increased. With that, you will start observing that your handwriting has also become more attractive. It is advisable to practice a patterned notebook. These books consist of pages marked in a grid format. Keep in mind that all the alphabets you are writing, are touching both the upper and the lower lines of each grid. Try to write alphabets in both capital and small letters. At least write 10 pages on a daily basis.

  2. Practice making patterns
    In your very childhood, you would remember that you were given a particular set of patterns for practice. The main reason behind this was to let you improve your handwriting. Start doing that now. In the beginning, you will notice that the patterns you make are slightly tilted and vary in shapes and sizes from one another. You need to make them very slowly. Keep in mind that the patterns are all straight and almost similar to each other. Practice as many patterns as you can. This will surely help you out in improving your handwriting.

  3. Write on line sheets
    It is generally noticed, that people write with an unattractive handwriting in plain sheets having no lines. The reason behind this is that they do not get a defined space for writing each and every word and each and every sentence. Thus, it is advisable to practice it on sheets having pre-drawn lines. By practicing on these sheets, your brain will be trained to write on papers without any lines. You will notice that all your words are of similar size. You will also notice that your sentences are also written completely straight.

  4. Try painting
    It is usually said that a painter has a very good handwriting. Therefore, you can try painting too. With an improvement in your painting, you will notice that there is an automatic improvement in your handwriting too. The reason behind this is that your brain gets trained in making things beautiful. You might have noticed that a painter can draw the exact replica of an image. By learning the skills of painting, you will also develop your skills in writing in a much better handwriting.

  5. Watch Videos or other books
    You can also refer to some videos over the net or refer to some books which have information regarding an improvement in your handwriting. With thorough research over a number of years, they have come up with a number of ideas that you can apply in improving your handwriting.

  6. Write on an even base
    Make sure that whenever you write, you write on an even base. Your base must not be tilted upwards or downwards. Your handwriting will continuously deprave if you continue to write on an uneven base. Therefore, it is very important to write an even base.

Thus, these are the few tips you need to keep in mind that you can apply in improving your handwriting

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