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IdealAssignmentHelp | 03-11-2019

How Google Apps Play an Important Role in a Student Life

Google is the most famous search engine in today’s life. Everyone uses Google for some of the other purposes. Starting from a student to a businessman, google serves all their needs. Now, why is Google so important? Well, if you need to find a piece of particular information, you just need to google it. You do not have to look for information here and there. Moreover, you can find more than one information on a given topic on google. Google also helps you to learn many skills. With its wide coverage of the network, it encompasses almost all the information upon a topic that you can think of. 

Over several years google has updated itself to a much higher level. Recently Google introduced “Google Apps” for in the market. The latest feature of “Google App” is the voice note feature. You just need to click on a button and speak to your “Google App”. Thus, it relieves you to do any typing work. Google App is very beneficial for the students. 

Students can get benefited in the following way:

  1. Collecting Information
    Being a search engine, Google can be used to collect any information. Students are asked to write research papers, assignments, thesis and dissertation during their academic life. They are required to collect information upon the topic on which they are needed to prepare the assignment. Google App serves as the best place to look out for almost all the information you require to complete your project work. Moreover, it also contains may books in pdf format which you can easily download for reference works. Thus, the Google app is one of the best for the collection of your information.
  2. Voice Note Feature
    The voice note feature of your google app is very amazing. You don’t need to type to access any information you want. You just need to speak and google will get your work done. This feature makes it simple for people who are doing work where they cannot use their phones with their hands. E.g. While driving, it would be unsafe for you of you use your phone. Meanwhile, if you want to find a particular location, you can do it by just saying it to google. Thus, google app has made things much easier for people.
  3. Keep track of your fitness
    Google App provides you with a feature that helps you keep track of your health. Students are always advised to take good care of their health. By using this feature of Google, students can keep a daily track of their health and observe for improvements. This will keep them more energized and fit to undergo their daily activities.
  4. Mapping their routes
    Google Apps come with a feature of showing the maps to the students. Students can easily find any location by using this feature of the Google App. Thus, they won't have to stop everywhere and ask for direction. These maps also show the roads which can lead to your destination at the earliest. They even give an estimated time in which you will arrive at your destination. They even show roads which have huge traffic on it. Thus, students can manage their time traveling very easily.
  5. Managing your events
    Students are required to attend many events during their academic life. However, sometimes it becomes a little difficult for them to keep a track of all the upcoming events. It may also happen that they miss any particular event. They can use the google app to keep track of all the upcoming events. Thus, they will no longer be required to remember any upcoming event. The Google app will automatically give them a reminder through which they can attend all the events on time. They also get the benefit of time management through this app.
  6. Data Safety
    Google Apps come with a feature of data safety. You can keep all your important projects and files in your google drive. There are times where students lose their data or forget where the data is stored. In the time of need, when they are unable to find it, they get stressed out. Thus, they need to keep a safe track of their important files. By using the google app, they can store their data in one place with a safety lock. They can add a password that will allow only them to access it.
  7. Saving your cost
    Google Apps are not that costly. They are provided in almost all type of a smartphone that a student uses. A student has to bear all his expenses within the pocket money he receives. Thus, they need to keep their expenses within a given budget. Having to use so many features at such an affordable cost will help the students to manage their finances wisely. 

Thus, these are the few benefits that a student can get while using the google app.

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