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IdealAssignmentHelp | 04-11-2019

How to choose interesting topics for your blogs?

Blogs become interesting when they are started with an interesting topic. Choosing an interesting topic is quite difficult. You can choose a topic from the many choices available on the net or you may write your own topic. While choosing a topic, keep in mind that you choose it as per the content of your blog. Your topic must give the reader an idea of what the topic is all about.

What are Blogs?

Blogs are journals written for a website. A blog is written either to give information upon a particular topic or for promotional purposes. Writing blogs is an art. Therefore, they must be written uniquely and creatively.

Found it interesting?

Planning to write one?

Well, writing blogs is not that easy. It requires practice and creativity. Blogs become more interesting when they are subdivided into different topics. Nobody likes to go through a huge paragraph. Therefore, writing blogs in a pointwise format will enable the readers to find it more interesting and easy to read.

If you are completely new to writing blogs, start writing about things you are very passionate about. Think of something on which you cannot stop talking about. Try to look out for reasons of why those things are so interesting to you. Make a list of all those things and start writing upon it. You can also write upon a topic related to your academic or corporate life. For e.g. you can write upon any one of your great achievements in your academic or corporate life.

Do not write on topics upon which you do not have enough knowledge. Don’t write it down just because some other person has made money by writing upon it. Well, writing is not a monotonous task. It is not just copy and paste information. Just think, why someone would read your blog, if it has the same information as in any other book or article.

Therefore, it is very important to add your observations and thoughts on the topic you want to write. Even if the readers have prior knowledge upon the topic, they will get a chance to view it with a different thought process. There are several blogs on the internet. They are written on different topics. 

But, how does a reader go in choosing to read a particular blog? How can a blog attract readers?

Well, the answer lies in the creativity with which the topic is being written. The very first thing a reader will read is the topic of a blog. Thus, if the topic of the blog is written creatively, it will attract more readers. 

While choosing a topic of your blog, keep in mind the following points:

  • A passionate topic: Write something upon which you are very passionate. Your passion gets reflected in your writing. You can add your imagination and ideology while writing your blog. This will make people more interested in reading your blogs. Well, if you are passionate about something, you will continue to do a research upon it. Thus, you should update all the latest information upon the topic written by you in your blogs. This will make your readers more curious in reading your updated blogs again and again.
  • Choose an un-debatable topic: The blogs written by you will be read by people around the world. Readers will leave their comments upon your blog. Being a writer of that blog, you will be required to reply to all those comments in your blog. Therefore, do not choose a topic where you feel might uncomfortable in discussing about it with others.
  • Avoid controversial topics: Many topics are controversial such as topics related to political or religious issues. If you do not have thick skin to absorb the negative comments upon your blogs, you will be discouraged in writing further upon it. You will also notice that few readers might get also intrigued easily and may attack you personally in the comments section. Therefore, you must avoid controversial topics.
  • A well-researched topic: You can write on a topic on which you have conducted a thorough research. You can add your fresh and innovative observations on such topics. This will make your blog more interesting to be read.
  • Relevance: The topic must be relevant to your entire blog. Do not choose a topic that has meaning different from that of your blog. Many readers can judge the quality of your entire blog by just reading its topic. Therefore, choose a topic that helps the reader to understand what they are going to read.
  • Short and Simple: The topic chosen by you must not be very lengthy. It must be kept as short as possible.

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