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Is SPSS the best software to prepare statistical models?

SPSS or statistical package for social sciences is a software used to analyze data and make observations on it. Students pursuing research and analytics have SPSS as a part of their subject. 

Students are made to write several assignments using SPSS. This software requires a robust knowledge upon the subject of statistics. The user can undergo several statistical modeling using SPSS. 

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There are a number of tests you can run to prepare your model using SPSS. Few of the tests are mentioned below:

One sample T-test:

You can conduct a one-sample t-test easily using SPSS. A one sample t-test is used to test whether a sample means differ significantly from its hypothesized value.

One sample median test:

This test is conducted to test whether the median value of the sample population differs from the median value of the entire population. 

Chi-square goodness of fit:

This test is run to check whether the observed proportion for a categorical variable differs from its hypothesized proportion. 

One way ANOVA:

One way analysis of variance is used to test the difference in means within independent and dependent variables. 

SPSS can easily run all these tests required to prepare your model. You can get a lot of benefits by using SPSS to prepare your statistical models.

These benefits are mentioned below:

Easy to use:

SPSS is one of the software which is very easy to use. Like any other analytical tool, SPSS does not require codes to compute your solutions.

You can simply use its toolbar to solve various statistical problems. It is also very easy to learn SPSS. 

Easily available:

Not all analytical software is available to the general public to use. SPSS is one of the software that can be easily downloaded from the net.

Moreover, mostly all analytical tools offer a limited service to their customers. However, you can undergo any statistical analysis using SPSS.

Easy to learn:

Though being analytical software, SPSS is not that hard to learn. However, before working on SPSS, you are required to have a good knowledge of statistics.

If you have a robust knowledge of the subject, you can easily learn to work on SPSS. There are several books available that can teach you how to prepare a statistical model using SPSS.

Presentable Data:

The best feature of SPSS is that you are not required to work on the presentation of your data. The only task you have to do is to feed the information in the software.

Once you have done that, you are required to select a test you want to run over it. SPSS itself will calculate the results and present them in a separate window. You can either download the result it or you can study the observations from there itself.

Import and export:

SPSS has a great feature of import and export. For example, you have a huge database in Excel upon which you are to conduct a statistical analysis.

Rather than copying and pasting the entire data from Excel to SPSS, you can just import it and run your desired test.

This will make your work much simpler.

Authentic data:

The results calculated by SPSS are completely authentic. You can draft your observations with a complete trust upon the results displayed by it.

There are many corporate that use SPSS as a tool to infer observations from their data. They completely rely upon the results calculated by this software.

Easy decision making:

The main purpose behind analyzing a data is to compute inferences out of it. In today's era, data is considered to be the new oil.

Thus, it is very important to understand your data and make observations from it. SPSS is a great tool to observe the results of the test on your data and make decisions upon it.

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