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IdealAssignmentHelp | 27-10-2019

Natural habits that can absolutely boost your memory

A sharp memory is always required for a student to excel in his/her studies. During the academic life, a student has to go through several subjects. They have to memorize it to get prepared for their exams. It is generally noticed that some students claim to have a week memorizing power. Are they having any issues in their brains? Is their memorizing power weak? Absolutely “NO”. There is no such thing as a week's memory. It is only a student’s thought that they are not sharp by their minds.

The most important thing to be taken into consideration is how a student decides that he has a sharp memory or not. They decide it based on the marks they score in their exams, or their capacity to remember a particular topic. But is it the right way in determining it? A student's brain is not judged in terms of marks they score or their memorizing capacity. Rather it is judged based on how it can stay calm. In your student life, the most common advice that you have heard from your teacher is “Keep a calm mind”. Yes, one needs to keep a calm and stable mind. However, through practice, you can boost your memory power too.

In this blog, we will discuss upon few matters which will help you boost your memory power

  1. Practice Yoga
    Yoga is very important for a student. It must be practiced daily. By practicing Yoga, you will ultimately realize that you are capable of getting control over your mind. It strengthens your mind. You will ultimately realize that memorizing capacity will increase too. Practicing Yoga not only boosts your memory power but also enhances your capability in keeping calm all the time.
  2. Training your brain
    Just like any other muscle your brain also needs to be well trained. You will notice that when you start going to a gym and do your exercise, your muscles increase in size. Similarly, when you allow your brain in solving complex problems, you train your brain is working on them. You will notice that you feel a little pressure at the very starting. But by practicing it continuously, you will be able to solve the problem with quite easy. Thus, training your brain is very important.
  3. Talk to the subconscious part of the brain
    As you know that our brain is divided into two different part i.e., the subconscious part and the conscious part. The conscious part of your brain deals with your hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting abilities. On the other hand, the subconscious part deals with your thinking capability. It is widely seen that people who think continuously about being a week or foolish, ultimately turns out to be one of them. This is the reason why people are advised to stay away from negative thoughts.
  4. Read Positive Quotes
    A motivated brain will give you the best of your results. It is always advisable for a student to go through one positive quote daily. Think upon the quote and try to implement it in your life. By having a daily study of these positive quotes, you will see that you stay motivated throughout the day. Your motivation will ultimately lead you to have a happy and strong mind. Your strong mind will ultimately lead you to have a strong memory power.
  5. Have a good sleep
    A healthy brain requires a night of good sleep. You must at least sleep for 8 hours to keep your brain healthy. A night of good sleep helps the brain to re-energize itself. It will help in maintaining proper blood flow in your brain. This will also help you in boosting your memory power. Therefore, it is always advisable to sleep well.
  6. Have a proper diet
    A person needs to have a proper diet. A healthy diet will keep your brain healthy and will enable its proper functioning. Avoid eating junk foods daily. Consume lots of fruits. Have a healthy breakfast when you get up in the morning. Consume more protein and carbohydrates than fat. A healthy brain will ultimately lead you to have a good memory power.

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