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IdealAssignmentHelp | 17-11-2019

Pro & Cons of Social Media in a Student Life

In the recent world, social media took a drastic growth in people’s life. The growth in technology, in turn, benefits more people all over the globe. Even the society gets benefits from it. The main role of social media is to enhance the student’s life to a greater extent. On the other hand, there are some negative impacts of social media on the student’s career. It actually depends on the way to carry out the activities on any social media platform. There is always something good as well as bad in something and so has social media. The way of performing the tasks on social media platforms decides how beneficial or harmful it is for the students in their academic careers. Therefore, it is actually in the hands off the students how they make use of it.

Let’s begin with the cons of social media in student life because there are several pros of it as anything cannot have a positive impact unless it is used properly.

Some Cons of Social Media

  1. Cyber Harassment – As per some certified people, most of the students goes in the trap of cyberbullying which affect their life drastically.  It is quite easy to make a fake profile and cheat people without the fear of being tracked by anyone. Bullying on the internet is not that tough and so, many students become victims. There are some people who give threats and forward harassing messages in order to discomfort the student.
  2. Hacking – Well, the internet is a place where almost all people share their personal information but it is not considered as a safe platform. The Internet is a pool of various websites and therefore, you cannot give ensure that all websites are safe. In fact, some people can suffer financial losses by hacking the accounts on the internet. This is the worst example of social media and therefore, it is sais that every individual must keep their private data safe in order to get rid of some unwanted incidents.
  3. Obsession – The obsession portion of social media is not good in any student’s life and can disturb the minds of the students. The students are mostly affected by the habit of over-using the internet. They actually involved in it in such a manner that they go away from society. It can even waste the time of most students that will hamper some other productive tasks.
  4. Frauds and Cheats – There are numerous examples in which students get stuck in fraud and scammed cases by overusing social media.
  5. Safety Problems – Most security agencies can reach your personal accounts. Therefore, there is no privacy concern in anyone’s life. You might never be aware of any situation when you might encounter a security offer for a confidential thing that you discussed on social media.
  6. Reputation – There are some strings on social media that might ruin anyone’s reputation by making a fake profile and making more people aware of it. Well, if you are a businessman, then you might suffer because of a bad reputation that is conveyed on the social media platforms.
  7. Health Complications – The over usage of social media might be dangerous for your health. Exercising is the best way to stay fit and most people stop doing it because they get lazy as they over-use the social media platform. This will, in turn, disturb your routine life. 

Some Pros of Social Media

  1. Connection – The prime benefit of using social media is it help you can get in touch with people all around the world. The actual beauty of social media platforms is that it can connect people with any religion, location or culture.
  2. Learning – Social media help students get a good education. They can acquire knowledge from professionals who can educate students on social media. You can take the guidance of an expert and get your thoughts cleared easily. You don’t need to pay anything for gathering information regarding your subject and this will help you take benefit of online education.
  3. Assistance – You can seek professional help regarding any academic issues. You can connect with professionals who can provide you effective solutions to your queries.
  4. Bring up-to-date – The ever-updating social media platforms will help you get information regarding the latest changes in the world. You can get accurate data from some certified websites on the internet. Social media genuine information but you need to do research whether the data is true or not.
  5. Awareness – Social media is the right way to make the students aware of some facts and this will also improve the way of living. Students can search for new and innovative facts on the internet that will give a push to their academic knowledge.
  6. Quick Knowledge – The social media will help you get instant help regarding any new topic or unknown matter. You can collect information about the project works.
  7. Tutorial Sessions – Most students look for tuitions to learn more about their subjects. Therefore, when you take online tutorial help, then you don’t need to travel anywhere for getting knowledge as you get it at your home.
  8. Lots of Options – As we know that the internet has various options from where you can gather knowledge, and therefore, you have the opportunity to choose the best option.

Well, there are more benefits than disadvantages of social media in the student’s life.

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