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Australia is one of the best places in the world which can impart a very level of education in a student. With teachers having great experience in diverse fields, Australia has become very successful in making their students as one of the best in the world. They have adapted to have the best teaching styles in the world. With all the modern equipment and ideas, Australia has become very successful in educating the students upon the latest knowledge of a subject. Not only this, the teachers employed by the schools and colleges are also very well educated and skilled in imparting knowledge. Thus, the students of Australia are well capable to pursue their career in any field they desire to. 

Some of the schools and colleges in Australia are famous and renowned around the world. Thousands of students around the world apply for having their education in these schools and colleges. Not only this, the schools and colleges in Australia has also established infrastructure for accommodating the students who have come to study from a foreign land. The hostels where the students reside in very safe and is well equipped with all facilities that students require to live a healthy and safe life till their education is complete.

However, there are few pros and cons in studying in Australia. These pros and cons are discussed as follows:

Pros of studying in Australia

  1. Highly qualified teachers
    Australia is a home to many qualified teachers and faculties in almost all the fields. These teachers and faculties have their MBA and Ph.D. degree from renowned institutions around the world. Many of the teachers in Australia have a vast year of industrial experience in their respective fields. Thus, they have a huge experience of both the practical and theoretical knowledge in their respective subjects. Few of them have also been recognized as one of the greatest minds under their respective discipline by famous statutory bodies around the world.
  2. Government Regulation
    The government of Australia is structured with the moto of “For the people” and ”By the people”. The rules and regulations for the students is structuredin such a very student friendly manner. Any student coming from a foreign country can have a very peaceful and fun stay in Australia.
  3. Soothing Climate
    The climate of Australia is very comfortable for the people staying over there. Thus, students don’t face any health issues due to the adverse climate changes. They find it very soothing and comfortable to stay in. Moreover, Australia has many fun places to visit in. Thus, students also get a chance to experience the vivid landscapes of Australia and have a refreshing mind.
  4. Student Loan
    The loan facilities in Australia is very simple and easily available. Student’s can apply for a loan in their own name. They can also apply for a loan in the name of their parents in case they are below the age of 18. Interest Rate are very low and the loan is very affordable. Students can return the loan amount after they get a well settled job. The loan amount will be subtracted in the form of EMI from their monthly salary.

Cons of studying in America

  1. Foreign Price Fluctuation
    The most important thing to be kept for consideration is the price fluctuation in the home currency and the Australian Dollar. These fluctuations may cause the price to rise making the education expense more costly. It becomes really expensive for the students who take an accommodation outside their hostels in Australia. This price fluctuation affects mainly those students who are studying under loan. Their monthly payment becomes more expensive if there is a positive fluctuation with the rates in the market.
  2. Foreign Accent
    The Australian accent is very different from the accent around the world. Students coming from outside may face some difficulty while having a conversation in Australia. It has been noticed that students also face difficulty in understanding during the lectures delivered in their classes. Having a trouble with the accent also may also discourage the students in getting social with other students. Thus, the accent problem is one of the biggest problem faced by the students.
  3. Food habits
    The food habits of Australia is very different. Mostly Asian students face a difficulty in getting habituated with the food habits of Australia. 

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