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IdealAssignmentHelp | 27-11-2019

Simple Process to Make Essay Writing Less Scary

Essays are a very common topic discussed among the students. Students are made to write essays on almost all the topics. As per the respective topic, students choose their particular style of essay. 

But the most important area where they lack is in drafting it properly. For this reason, they fail to score good marks in it. 

Have you been assigned to prepare an essay?

Are you worried about not being able to complete it?

We have some tips for you!

Before discussing the tips in making your essay writing process simpler, we will first discuss the common areas where students lack in preparing their essays creatively and attractively.

The areas where they lack are:

• Conducting adequate research upon it.

• Drafting the content as per the requirement.

• Selecting the correct type of essay while writing upon the topic. 

However, students cannot be entirely blamed for not being able to prepare their essay attractively.

Here, we are going to discuss upon a few tips to make your process of essay writing in a simpler way:

Learn how to write an essay:

If you do not have enough knowledge in preparing an essay, you should first learn how to prepare it. You can refer a book or consult someone who is an expert in preparing it. 

Markdown all the important points suggested in making your essay. Refer to all those points while preparing your essay.

Styles of writing an essay:

Essays can be written in various styles. However, the most popular ones are narrative, persuasive, descriptive and explanatory essays. You have to choose the style depending upon your topic. Know the nitty-gritty of the style chosen by you. 

You can also refer to books and articles in learning to write your essay in the chosen style. 

Know about your topic:

You can write an essay only when you have adequate knowledge of the topic. Thus, it is very important to go through your topic thoroughly. 

Understand what your topic has to infer. The information to be collected by you on the topic depends upon the objective of your writing. 

Generally, students are noticed to present content with a completely different topic. 

The topic is the first thing your readers are going to read and make expectations upon the information they can get by reading it. 

Refer to other essays:

It is always advisable to refer to other essays before writing your own. You can easily learn the skills in preparing your essay attractively. 

You can find a number of essays written on various topics. Understand how the writers convey their information through their essays. Observe how these essays are formatted. You can use all these observations in drafting your own essay. 

Draft your essay:

Before writing a final one, it is important to prepare a draft of it. Assure that all the important points have been included. 

Do not concentrate on the format while drafting it. Do not include any information that is irrelevant to the reader. 

Formatting of your essay:

In order to prepare your essay creatively, you are required to apply an adequate format to it.  

While formatting your essay, keep the following tips in mind:

• The font of your essay must be either “Times New Roman” or “Times”. These two are the standard format for writing academic content.

• Keep the font size as 12.

• Keep at least a 1.5-inch margin on all sides of your paper.

• Choose the alignment as Justify for the content of your assignment. 

• Mark the headings as bold with a font size slightly larger than the rest of your content. 

• Draft an adequate cover page for your report. 

Proofread your content:

Always have a habit of proofreading your final content. This way you will be assured that the content of your assignment is free of any writing mistakes. 

Generally, students are noticed to conduct a number of grammatical or punctuation or spelling errors in writing the contents of their assignments. No matter how good your content is, it will be completely un-attractive if it carries mistakes like this. 

You can also take the help of online applications to rectify the errors in your own essay. 

By proofreading your content, you will be assured that your content is free from these errors. 

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