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IdealAssignmentHelp | 17-12-2019

Important Things to Consider for Creating an Effective Assignments

Assignments are an important part of any curriculum and they cover a critical portion of marks. They are also considered as an essential part of learning and teaching process as with their help the teaching faculty can gauge whether students have learnt and understood the concept or not. Creating a reliable test takes a lot of skills and thoughtfulness. Whether your students will take any Economics assignment help or not depends on their level of understanding the concept of topic given. 

Given here are some general suggestions and questions that you as an instructor can consider while creating assignments. Lack of meticulous planning and a tailor-made strategy can leave instructors on the receiving end wondering what went wrong. Given here are a few things that instructors can consider for developing effective assignments and enabling students to have a valuable experience with them. 

Learning objectives should be considered first:

What do you want students to learn by following the given assignments?  This is the first thing to know which will help you judge how much your students have grabbed. Assignments need to be created in such a way that they can clearly assess the understanding level of students. So, while developing them the objectives of assignments should be considered first. 

Objectives of assignment should be amply clear to you. For making suitable assignments, you can make use of active and measurable verbs like you can use compare theories, discuss the implications or strategies etc.) 

Understand the level of students:

It is good to understand what students know, what they can do and what would be difficult for them. It is important to have an appropriate understanding of their skills. If assignments are too challenging students tend to get frustrate and begin to look for a dependable assignment writing agency like my assignment help. If assignments are too simple then students will lack motivation. So, as a second step, you need to know the understanding level of your students.

There are some abilities of students that you would like to investigate:

  • Are students familiar with language of the discipline? Do they know the style guidelines or the research protocols?
  • Do students know how to go about researching the material? Are they aware of the proper style format, style of documentation and the available resources etc.? Are they aware about the usage of library or are they able to evaluate the resources available to them?
  • What kind of writing work they have been engaged to of late? Can they complete long and formal writing assignments or research projects, can engage in reflection or argumentation and more? It is also good to find out whether they can write technical assignments or can write a scientific report or a literature review.

Check the match between the assignments and what your students want to learn:

Once the assignments are created, you can check whether there is a proper match of what you want your students to learn and what you are asking them to do. If there is a mismatch between the two you need to adjust either the learning objectives or the assignments. If you want your students to evaluate or analyse the given text but the assignment given is on writing a summary of the same then purpose of the assignment will be defeated. 

Assignments should be named with care:

Students tend to get misled if the assignments are not named appropriately. For instance, if you want your students to analyse strengths and weakness of a product but you name the assignment “product description” students would focus on specifications or any special features of the product without being evaluative or analytical. It is hence very important to ensure writing proper titles. 

Sequence of the assignments is important:

You need to think how to keep a proper order of your assignments so that they can build skills in the logical sequential way that you want. Assignments that need the perfect synthesis of knowledge and skills should come later in the semester. Assignments that are given as a prelude should obviously be aimed towards building their skills. For instance, if an eventual assignment is a research project that needs students to evaluate a technological solution, the earlier assignments should be aimed towards judging their ability to identify and discuss about the concept. 

Checking feasibility of assignments:

This is perhaps one of the most important considerations to make. Students begin to seek assignment help service when they lack time. Teaching faculty need to keep in mind that in no way the workload should go up to intolerable limits. A well-written fully researched and developed report takes time and hence a reasonable amount of time should be given for the same. Learning objectives should be clear in your mind so that you can cut corners and do not have to sacrifice quality.

Clear the ambiguity associated and mentions the style and format:

If assignment is vague, students can interpret it in different ways and may or may not as intended. So, it is critical to clearly identify the task and clear any ambiguity associated with it. If you want the task to be done in a particular way, it is good to mention the same. Revisions are always painful and hence clarity of assignment is very important. 

Conveying the Criteria of Performance:

If you have certain specifications in mind about how should be the originality, logical organisation of thoughts or whatever you should convey the same to your students. You can make them check the best and the worst examples of assignments and let them know the “do” and “don’ts”

It is good note that the most challenging and the effective assignments lead the students to think and explain rather than simple no or yes answers. To check their understanding level effective assignments that can help them evaluate and analyse the given topic thoroughly should be created.

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