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Tips to pass Maths Exam/Golden Math methods for examination

Maths is one of the trickiest subjects for a student. It involves lots of calculations and formulas. Sometimes maths can be a nightmare for a student. However, being a part of a subject, the students need to learn the tricks behind solving mathematical questions. Students usually fear maths because, from the very beginning of their study, it is being taught in a complex manner. But is maths so difficult? The answer is a simple NO. Maths is not at all difficult. Learning a few tips and tricks and with regular practice, it becomes really simple for someone to deal with it. 

Let us discuss some of the common problems for students who find maths difficult. Maths requires the application of brain. It is very important to understand before you want to excel in it. Students don’t concentrate on understanding the formulas of mathematics. They just proceed by mugging up the formulas and applying them to their problems. The most important thing that they lack is to decide which formula to apply where. The second most important mistake a student makes is in misunderstanding the problem statements. They do not read the entire question and in turn, fail to draft a proper solution for it. 

Here are some basic tips that will help you in passing your maths exam with good marks

  1. Daily Practice
    Mathematics is something that requires daily practice. You cannot be a genius in it by just solving it for a day or two. The main reason behind it is that you don’t need to memorize the problems. You just need to understand them and find solutions in solving them. With daily practice in maths helps your brain to start thinking. It is very important for a student dealing with mathematical problems. Therefore, it is always advisable for a student to practice maths daily.

  2. Make a list of formulas
    It will be a much better help if you make a separate list of formulas. Go through it daily. You will see that one day you have memorized all the important formulas. It is commonly noticed that students start mugging up the formulas a night before their exams. This ultimately leads them to get confused in most of the formulas. A daily revision will help them overcome their confusion.

  3. Private Tuitions
    If you do not have a habit of self-study, you might take the help of a private tutor. Many tutors excel in teaching mathematics. They might help you in solving in getting good marks. Nowadays classrooms are full packed with students. A single teacher can't pay attention to all the students. There may be few students who are unable to meet the learning speed of their class teachings. Taking private tuitions will help them in getting a better understanding of the subject.

  4. Referring Books
    There are many books on mathematics. Ranging from basic mathematics to advanced mathematics, maths books are easily available in the market. If you are not so good or your base is not so strong, try reading a basic mathematics book. Many books contain the nitty-gritty of mathematical problems. You must go through them. Learn the ways in how they were being solved. Try applying the same method in solving out the problems of your textbook. Not only you will develop your skills in solving the problems, but you will also get a chance in improving your time spent behind solving each problem.

  5. Solve question papers
    Before attempting your exam, you must try to solve as many last year’s questions paper as you can. Understand the type of problems that are asked in an examination. Test yourself whether you can solve it with ease or not. It would be much better if you refer to someone to correct your paper. See what are the mistakes being pointed out. If you are doing silly mistakes, that indicates you are not confident in attempting your paper. If you are unable to solve a given problem, that indicates you are not clear with your concepts. Undergoing this process, you will be able to judge yourself of how capable you are in scoring a good mark in your examination.

  6. Be confident
    The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be confident enough in getting good marks in your exam. You have done a lot of practice. You underwent a lot of hard work in solving problems. Have faith within yourself. It is noticed that being confident will fetch you better marks that being unconfident. 

By following these tips, you will gradually notice that there is a significant improvement within you. You will be able to deal with maths much easily. 

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