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IdealAssignmentHelp | 09-01-2020

Top 5 Highest Paying Graduate Degrees in Australia

Hey Guys! We have got an amazing catch for you. This Blog is all about the highest paying graduate degrees that you can pursue in Australia. Why do you want to study a course in Australia? Well, because Australia is a hub of prestigious universities and colleges which offer various courses like Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Management, etc. to national and international students. But, before opting for a course students need to know the future prospects. Like, are there enough jobs in that field? Will that job pay you well? Are you able to see your future in that job? And then there are various other aspects as well. But, in the end, it all comes down to which course will help you build a brighter future and will pay you well. 

Some people might object here saying, why to pursue a course seeing the salary point of view, but we would like to clarify. We all are well aware that a student puts a lot of money in a course. For international students, it becomes a situation of taking student loans as well. Students also invest their time in part-time jobs to earn money for their daily expenses. So, there is nothing wrong with thinking about doing a job in the future that will pay you well. It’s like getting a good return on your investments. We would love to throw some light for you over these high paying courses. Below are the top 5 highest paying graduate degrees that you can pursue in Australia. 

  1. Engineering
    Engineering is Australia’s most sort-after course. This course enfolds various fields under it that include Chemical, Computer science, Automotive, Mechanical, Civil, and Electronics Engineering. Some of the renowned universities in Australia like The University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Monash University, UNSW Sydney, Griffith College, etc. offer several engineering specializations. Few of these universities also rank in the top 100 across the world. It means that this course has a greater potential to lead you towards high paying jobs. No doubt that this is an amazing course, but with this, students also need to face assignment writing. If you ever feel burdened, there is always an option of taking assignment help online.
    An amazing fact is that if you pursue a master's degree after your graduation, then the salary becomes more appealing. The average salary of an MS in Australia is anywhere between AU$ 52,107- AU$ 24,026. It also depends on the field of study of a student, his experience and designation. The pay may also vary for graduates in engineering depending on the specialization they have opted. For example, mining engineers get more than design engineers. This is what you have to keep an eye on.
  2. Architecture
    Architecture is an amazing field that deals with studying technicalities of planning and building various properties like a bungalow, housing societies, city center, museums, etc.  It is a field of developing and utilizing creative skills. We can say that it is a combination of technology, science, art, and business. This course has become a boom in Australia these days and it is one of the highest paying courses.
    Various universities offer this course in Australia like the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Griffith University, University of Sydney, etc.  The average annual package that students receive is anywhere between AU$60,000- AU$110,000. If you are studying in Australia, it means you have made it towards getting a supreme quality education. In Australia, you get both student-friendly cities and high-quality education.
    Architecture is opted by most of the students as it fascinates them. It is rooted in a contemporary western aesthetic which is combined with various adaptions on cultural nature and climatic concerns. You get to learn various software and add on to your skills. Another amazing factor about architecture is its fun assignments. You need to research a lot and you also get to learn about various cultures and philosophies. Exciting right? But, sometimes due to lack of time, these assignments may become a headache. If you ever feel in future that "can someone provide me my assignment help?” then you straightaway head towards taking assignment help online.
  3. Medicine
    If you are interested in taking up medical science as a course, then my friend you are moving on the path towards a solid income. There are various fields under medicine which you can opt for. Then further you have specializations like becoming an anesthesiologist, hematologist, neurosurgeon, cardiologists, etc. All medicine students need to complete their training before graduation. Initially, you may feel that your salary is a bit low because you may start with an internship, but as soon as you grow from an internship to a proper full-time work profile, then the salary which you will receive will be really good. The average salary varies from $180,000- $538,117. These figures change as per the specialization you choose.
  4. Law
    Have you ever watched the lifestyle of a lawyer? If yes then you already know why this course is on our list, and if no, then we are here to tell you what it is to be a law student. The average salary of a beginner student who just passed out is about $46,000- $82,000. But, this no. increases significantly as your career moves ahead in this field. Once you establish your career, everything will be yours, from a private room to eating at fancy restaurants. So many cases arrive each day. You have the option of opting for either the government or the private sector.
  5. Hospitality and Tourism
    This is a massive discipline which includes various specialization like hotel management, strategic planning, eco-tourism, luxury hospitality, event management, hospitality finance, etc. Various universities introduce these courses to students like Griffith University, Victoria University, Monash University, etc. The average salary that students can draw in the future ranges from AU$45,000-AU$110,000. 


In conclusion, we would like to say that you have opted for the right place to study. There are various prestigious universities in Australia offering ample no. of courses to students. It’s up to you which course you want to choose. We have listed the top 5 highest paying graduate degrees in Australia to help you get out of confusion. Choose wisely. Also, if you face any type of assignment issues in the future, you can come to us for help. We provide various services for different subjects and topics like Business Assignment Help, Management assignment help, economics assignment help, etc.

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