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In the busy world today and that full of distractions, it is necessary to build a safe learning environment for the children around us. The significance of creating this safe environment for learning cannot be ignored. It cannot be disputed that there are different behaviour and learning patterns exhibited by one student in comparison with that of the another, there is a huge role played by the environment in the development of the children and the way they think and perceive things around them. In addition to environment being friendly, it needs to be safe which eventually transforms to congenial learning environments. It is only at the safe places that a student would feel the freedom of thinking beyond the restrictions and thus, grow differently. They can, therefore, reach to the pinnacles only where they can think with open minds and are empowered to be what they want to be. 

The Focus Should Be The Students

Since the concern of the environment is  around the students - they should be the focus. To build a safe environment, the first thing that you need to think is what all would make them feel in an unsafe environment. You can always discuss with the students to check what could be done to make the environment safe. 

  1. Are the topics that they are not engaged with?
  2. Is the flow of teaching appropriate for them to learn the new aspects that are being discussed?
  3. Do they like group work more or that doing individually?

Answers to these questions would help you with the plan of bringing the change in the environment of the students that would suit them the best. 

Better Yourself As Professor

Believe it or not you’re always being watched by your students. They follow you and derive attitude from you. If you’re nice to people, they are nice to people if you lose your temper frequently, they tend to follow the same. You need to exit with an attitude that demonstrates your comfort in the environment that is all around. You also need to discuss with them how the environment can be improved to provide them with better learning and exploring atmosphere. This will all provide an environment of flexibility and ease that would enrich them as scholars. You should always be available for them. They should be able to reach you out for my assignment help queries. So that you assist them with all kinds of assignment help you could

Achievements are meant to be celebrated

To ensure that students continue to strive for excellence, it is important that their achievements are celebrated well. One of the prime advantages that a safe learning environment brings is that the students enjoy what they do and how they do it and take pride in same. Only the end result need not be celebrated, you can celebrate the triumphant steps that they take towards achieving their goals. This is one of the prime faces of an open environment, where the students are celebrated and you can feel happiness and creativity all around in such environment. This can be as good as a student writing a specific essay that you really liked, or the student doing a favour to the class, when you get to know a good deed that the student is. All you need to do is announce the same in the class and let everyone else listen it out and applaud for that particular student. Celebration would not always mean distributing the students with prizes and gifts, students feel pride in themselves by standing out in the crowd which can be done by just taking their name and appreciating what they have done differently.

No Judgements Please!

The students, or actually any one of us would not like to be done. The audience particularly has the habit of judging the person performing. At several instances the students do not want to do a particular thing or are afraid to do what they really want to do is because they do not want themselves to be charged. This negative judgement is enough to stop them from growing and thus prospering. 

This is certainly not going to be easy. However, it can surely be done. What is needed is that you put in all efforts for creation of an environment that does not involve judging others. The students need to be told that they need to accept that they all are different. What may be wrong to you, may be right for others and vice a versa. They need to learn to accept everyone as they are and motivate them rather than judging them.

The Canon to Safe Environment

To make sure that you are providing a safe environment to the students ensure that:

  1. You stay calm and demonstrate control at all times.
  2. Treat all with patience.
  3. Always keep a smile on.
  4. Encourage expression from students.
  5. Celebrate students achievements, even the small ones.
  6. Be kind.
  7. Laugh and talk a lot with your students.
  8. Create rules with them.
  9. Discuss issues I’m fine solutions with them.
  10. Give them morals. 

The environment would not need to be customised for a domain of study, like students seeking Solidworks assignment help from you, would not need an engineering pro-environment. All they need is that they have the openness of thoughts and actions that would assist them do better in lives.

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