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IdealAssignmentHelp | 18-10-2019

Which one is best, Online Education vs Classroom Learning?

Getting a tutor for oneself has become a necessary part of education nowadays. In schools and colleges with classrooms having 60-100 students, it has become nearly impossible for a single teacher to concentrate on every student. It is seen that students who are not so bright generally face a problem in getting a good and robust understanding of the subjects taught. Therefore, it has become a necessity for a student to take coaching classes. Not only this, classes have become a necessity for those opting for additional courses in their career. Nowadays online coaching classes have become a new trend. They are easily accessible through your home or your workplace.

Though it has reduced the burden of a student to travel to a distant place for learning, it has also increased the possibility of the student’s concept to be misguided or ignored. In the classroom style of teaching, with the presence of a teacher or any faculty member, students get an opportunity to clear their doubts then and there. However, in an online coaching class, sometimes these doubts get unattended or are rather ignored. So how to decide whether an online coaching class or a classroom style of learning is important for a student? With the tight schedule of student life and a heavy burden of studies, students thrive to find ways to manage their time as strategically as possible. 

Here are some listed paraphs which state both the pros and cons between online coaching and a classroom style of teaching.

Collaborative learning

Generally, in a classroom style of teaching, several students attend the same lecture at the same time. However, in an online style of learning, the student undergoes the courses alone. There are many benefits attached to the collaborative style of learning. A student in a classroom gets an opportunity to interact with other students. Moreover, he/she also gets a chance in participating in the clearing of the doubts occurring to other students. This enhances the understanding of a student upon a given topic.

Participation Benefits

 In a classroom, the faculty occasionally organizes a participatory style of learning among the students. This approach helps a student in developing its skill in a critical style of thinking. Apart from that, the student also gets an opportunity to learn how to work in groups. However, such benefits are not available in an online style of learning.

Enhancing social skills

While studying in a classroom, a student gets a chance of interacting with other students. They can also indulge themselves in group studies and have the opportunity of clearing their doubts within themselves. Moreover, it makes one more social which in the present era is very important for any person to thrive. 

Personality Building

In a classroom, the students are often asked to deliver a speech or give a presentation upon any of the topics being discussed in the class. This task allows the students to enhance their personality skills and communication skills. It is generally noticed that few students in the classroom have a fear of public speaking. With all these tasks being done, students can develop courage and confidence within themselves. However, these skills go un-adapted in an online style of teaching

Saving in time

Classrooms may be located at a distant place from where the students reside. Travelling might take a lot of time and sometimes due to the unnecessary jams, they might also be late. Thus, they miss an important part of their day’s lecture. However, online coaching classes are easily accessible through a student’s residence or his or her workplace. Moreover, classroom class timings are pre-announced and a student must attend them at that given time. However, these online classes can be accessible at any time of the day. Thus, this is the advantage that a student gets on choosing online classes upon the classroom style of learning. 

From the above discussion, it can be rightly inferred that the classroom style of learning is more beneficial for students in terms of the enhancement of additional skills. However, students who are unable to attend particular classes due to their location issues or the paucity of time can avail of the benefits of an online class facility.

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